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Above photo - copyright Rennie Ellis photographer archive

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Vitamin Sea twin fin by Tad Ciastula

Here's a lovely twin fin made in Newquay around '82/'83 , shaped by the founder of Vit Sea Tad Ciastula. Its a very similar shape to what co-shaper at Vit Sea Chris Jones was making at the time. Wide tail, plenty of volume , flat deck and still very lightweight. Dims. are 5'11 x 20 inches , with Terry Fitzgerald model multi fins, and classic star airbrush by Andy Cranston. I bought the board from Graham , who had bought it in the North East ten years ago after seeing an ad in the local paper. After its years up north it has happily returned to Cornwall.

 Tad surfing , above in Tube News 1981, below in Atlantic Surfer 1979


  1. That's an amazing looking board! Is it yours now?beautiful condition!

  2. yes mine now Ryan, its a cool board

  3. Hi my names jordan I am Graham’s stepson, I am currently in Australia at the Gold Coast doing a little surfing, I thought I’d try and google my old board just to see what it looked like and found the exact one that I used to surf, I haven’t seen it in years, it’s too precious to ride now but it used to surf soooo well, he never told me where it went or who he sold it too but I’m glad it’s being looked after ��